Great Schools Visit | San Diego | Thrive Public Schools & e3 Civic High

On Tuesday, the tour group from Kansas City, wrapped up their final day by visiting two schools: Thrive Public Schools (54th Street Campus) and e3 Civic High. 

Some tidbits from Thrive:

  • TK-12 charter organization (54th St. is TK - 6)
  • Students become college-prepared, career-inspired, and community-minded
  • Lottery-based enrollment system
  • Focus on project-based learning with elements of blended learning
  • Social emotional learning is also a priority 
Students at Thrive

Students at Thrive

It’s not about human doing, it’s about human being.
— Nicole Tempel Assisi, Thrive CEO (on their social emotional learning focus)

The group then toured e3 Civic High in downtown San Diego. Highlights from e3:

  • 9 - 12 high school
  • e3 stands for engage, educate, and empower
  • Partnered with San Diego Public Library to co-locate downtown
  • Over 50% of the students reside downtown 
  • Project-based instruction, access to research facilities, state-of-the-art technology
  • Incredible views of downtown San Diego and the bay
Show Choir Room

Show Choir Room